My Introduction to Trail Running

I’ve always liked to run. It is easy, it clears my mind, is a great stress-reliever, and it helps keep the extra pounds away. I’ve been a “runner” since my days playing youth soccer, but I would not venture into the longer distances, staying between 2-6 miles. However, once we moved to California, I met… Continue reading My Introduction to Trail Running


DIY Moving: The move to Chicago

The second big move we undertook was from Atlanta to Chicago, and having previously hired a moving company for our last move, we decided to try the cheaper DIY option. It made the whole moving experience very different. Here’s how: Packing was different: Instead of absolutely needing EVERYTHING we own to fit in boxes, we… Continue reading DIY Moving: The move to Chicago


Lake Tahoe – 2 Very Different Experiences

If you are looking for pretty scenery, it doesn’t get much prettier than Lake Tahoe. It is absolutely breathtaking. I know there are tons to do there, especially in the summer, but we never went during the peak summer hours. However, being from Texas, I am not sure that water could ever be comfortable for… Continue reading Lake Tahoe – 2 Very Different Experiences


San Francisco – Round Three: Food Tourists

Since living in Sacramento for a year and a half, we’d already done all of the major mandatory touristy attractions. And, much like when we were in Chicago, I looked for unique ways to explore the city. On short notice, and with a creativity mind block, I came up with food tourism. We went to… Continue reading San Francisco – Round Three: Food Tourists