Sunday Morning Run Club

As we moved around the country, one thing my husband and I determined is that it’s the people that make the place. True, we did see beautiful sights, and went/lived in some awesome destinations, but at the end of the day, it is the people you spend time with that make all the difference. In… Continue reading Sunday Morning Run Club


My Introduction to Trail Running

I’ve always liked to run. It is easy, it clears my mind, is a great stress-reliever, and it helps keep the extra pounds away. I’ve been a “runner” since my days playing youth soccer, but I would not venture into the longer distances, staying between 2-6 miles. However, once we moved to California, I met… Continue reading My Introduction to Trail Running

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Realities of Living in the Chicago area: It’s COLD

I thought I knew it was cold in Chicago, but I didn’t have any clue just how cold it was. We moved there at the end of January from Atlanta, and when we got there it was in the 50s, and I thought “I can do this. This isn’t that bad.” Then, the next week,… Continue reading Realities of Living in the Chicago area: It’s COLD