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Social Media Roundup – July 28th, 2017

How Amazon Could Force Facebook’s Hand in eCommerce

The eCommerce giant, Amazon, appears to be making a jump into social media with the launch of Spark, an Instagram-like feed for Prime members filled with images and stories based on users like and interests, and a rumored launch of a personal messaging app. This move could push Facebook to respond by upping their eCommerce game.


Facebook Now Allows Users to Upload GIFs Directly

Gone are the days of relying on services like GIPHY or creating MP4s, GIFs can now be uploaded directly to Facebook just like images and videos.


Instagram influencers game its algorithm with collaborative pods

This Instagram hack increases influencer posts’ engagement and leads to more visibility, but could mean skewed results for brand partnerships.


Is Facebook Now Competing With LinkedIn?

After testing their Jobs tab in November 2016, and launching it in February of this year, Facebook has now added a new “Applications” section to the Jobs tab. Facebook hasn’t put a huge emphasis on their Page job listings yet, but it could become a bigger deal should Facebook think they are losing traffic to LinkedIn.


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