Our Best and Last Big Moving Experience: The Move To Texas

By far, the best moving experience we had was when we moved to Texas. It was easy, comfortable, and had pretty scenery for most of the way. Here are some highlights:

Professional Movers: While we did enjoy our DIY move, we opted for professional movers again. This proved to have some hassle on the pick-up and delivery, but it made the actual moving part much easier.

Carpooling: Like our move to California, we got to drive/ride together. Unlike the move to California, we got to do this driving/riding in a new car. While living in California, we bought a nice new Subaru, and it handled the drive through the mountains fanatically! Plus, the AC and heat worked perfectly, and it even had some of the “new-car” smell still.

Less hassle: Prior to this move, we lightened our load quite a bit. We sold a lot of our furniture: couch, couch chair, coffee table, end table, big decorative tree, a bookshelf, a big dresser, a small dresser, a small desk, a mirror, and most importantly a car. This meant less stuff for the movers to move (less for us to pay for), and that we didn’t need to figure out how to transport a car.

The Scenery: Leaving California, we were pretty much in the mountains the whole time, and it was breathtaking.


And we also decided to break our trip up into mini-trips. We stopped in Vegas for a day to sight-see, and made a pit stop at the Grand Canyon even though it was slightly out of the way.






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