Sunday Morning Run Club

As we moved around the country, one thing my husband and I determined is that it’s the people that make the place. True, we did see beautiful sights, and went/lived in some awesome destinations, but at the end of the day, it is the people you spend time with that make all the difference.

In California, we were fortunate to experience the best of both worlds. We had a wonderful group of friends that we enjoyed spending time with, and we got to do so within some pretty scenery.

At the congregation we worshiped with in Folsom, there was an “athletic” crowd that we tried to keep up with. There was a group that met at 6:30am to run 4 miles on Sunday prior to worship services later that morning.

My husband was a bit leery of the early morning wake up call, but soon after moving closer to our friends we joined them regularly. He’d still probably say that he did not enjoy the running, but we both loved the “catch-up” time we had each week….plus it was an additional work-out mastering the art of talking and running simultaneously.

Here’s a snapshot from our Sunday morning run club. This was at the very top of a steep hill (but it seemed more like a mountain) that we called Billy Goat:


Oh, and sometimes we’d cut the running short, and we’d have cappuccinos! (Roland’s favorite part)

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