The Move To California

Having done two big moves, one with professional movers and one DIY move, we felt pretty experienced. We much preferred the DIY move, but once we looked at the driving route, we doubted our abilities to navigate the moving truck through parts of the Rocky Mountains. So we again elected for professional movers.

However, unlike our other move with professional movers, we also shipped one of our cars. This was a game changer, and made the move/drive go so much more smoothly because we rode together. We were able to switch off drivers, and catch some sleep here and there. Instead of going 6-7 hours on average per day like we did in our previous move, we were able to go 10-14 hours per day.

photo (3)

While this move went much more smoothly, the scenery was lacking. We traveled through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and into California. For the first day and a half of driving, we traveled through flat pastureland that stretched on for miles.

While on the road, we kept seeing signs for the “Largest Truck Stop” in the world. So, naturally, we had to check it out. Let me just start out by saying, this place has nothing on Buc-ee’s! True, it was big, but I was significantly underwhelmed. The bathrooms were really gross, the food wasn’t great, and the inside wasn’t all that big. It must have that title due to the real estate the truck stop sits on and the size of the parking lot.



On our last day and a half of driving, the scenery changed drastically. Just check out this mountain view I had for a few hours during my driving shift!



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